Asia Hairstyles

Asia Hairstyles
A clear trend in the new season: East and West! Asia and interpretations inspired by many things, received the applause and gratitude to the Fashion Weeks. The mixture of discipline and artistic freedom sets new accents. This tendency leads to the typically Asian, classic cuts and mixes with the colors and patterns that generate a lot of attention. East is a tendency for people who like to be in the spotlight and have a well developed sense of individual style.

Hair structures mirror the contrasts of this trend: Bobs clinging tightly to the contour plot to create a sculpture-esque three-dimensional shape, which is then released by the different lengths of inmates. Thus, strict allows enough room for many variations in style. Long hair is in the gentle waves and curls generous. Brown tones dominate the trend set in an interesting approach through the warm and cool tones that are rich in contrast.

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