Urban Hairstyles

Urban Hairstyles
The popularity of the military haircut, you can not deny, is a time that the Marines and the police can only be seen with the cup. Now, even the men in suits and people in the meeting room look kind of sport. There are actually many variations crew cut standing army style extreme short hair, and so on, which means one thing, in effect, military haircuts found its place in the word of HAIRSTYLINUrban hairstyles are styles natural, is not as luxurious and fashion are popular. Urban hairstyles are originally created by and for people with black hair. For some reason, this type of hair tends to be more fragile and very porous, so there is special attention to black hair.

Urban style does not really need a little inspiration or ethnic culture, but rather something that can transcend all races have a look that is fresh, hip and trendy. When it comes to carrying out urban look for the hair, the most common style, or rather a popular black hair braids, twists, braids, afros and locks. You can also use different colored wigs to look more realistic in urban areas.

Braids hairstyles are back in style

Braids hairstyles
Braids are back in style. However, is there something new about braids, always a natural, attractive and very comfortable look for the hot summer days. Moreover, it seems that never get tired of them, because there are many different types that can easily choose a different one for each day.

Make your own braids!
Sounds like a magic trick? It is now time to put an end to the fear of braiding your hair. You only need a little patience and practice. It is useful to display the mirror to double round - so that you can see each strand of your hair.

It, regular Braid is easy, even for braiding the first: first fully unravel your distress - it is preferable to use a brush. Then refer to your hair for three sections approximately the same, start to cross the right side which is in the Center, and then do the same with the left side. Repeat until you reach the desired length, and then tie the end of your braid with security.

It explores some of the more popular and easier to braid hairstyles for summer!

Over-The-shoulder. Just drag your hair to one side as a ponytail, on the one hand, they are divided into three sections and braid in a straight line. It is one of the simplest braid hair styles, look elegant and easy to achieve in just a few minutes since no effort is required to see it all in the mirror.

Braids Tied-back. Take the strands in front of the ears pull back, was divided into three sections and braid all the way until you reach the middle of the head. Then you can go ahead and get a place with hairpins on the back of his head. Then do exactly the same thing on the other side. If you have completed the second braid assumes and twined it around the first and PIN in place. This allows to hide the hairpins and a kind of elegance, do not forget to secure to the back of his head.

This way-up - is nice and keeps your hair down, but away. This hair style is also useful if you feel you want to camouflage their ears - if you find it necessary.

With small braids, you can create an infinite number of beautiful hairstyles in minutes using only their creativity. You can have a solid, unique, hidden braid on one side only is going on with your hair or create the hairstyle more complicated of your choice.

The traditional dairy: is only two braided braids crossed above the head. It is a type of hairstyle easy and comfortable, keeps your hair from the road and is perfect for special occasions.

-Fish tail braid: one of the most complex for the summer, but however popular hairstyles and the value of the practice. For this type of braid you just divide the hair into two sections (instead of three). Pull your hair to one side in a low ponytail and secure with a tie. Remove all hair who want to flee to the front, then divide the hair in a medium above the tie hair, creating a small hole. Divide the hair in the Centre and take a small piece of the outside of the right section and cross inside the left. Then take a small section of the outside of the left and the right inside. You don't have to keep track of all the parties, just to make them mixed in two main strands of hair. We will begin to emerge fishtail braid.

4 Tips - How relieve braid your hair

. 1 just use a little water to moisten the hair a little - it is easier to separate the sections to have the most beautiful braids.

2. If you have difficult hair, use a small amount of hair gel or paste finish for a better quality of life before you begin braiding. But just use a little, a small amount can be! If you use more, it becomes sticky and will be difficult to manage.

3. use tape to hair invisible to attach their tails before braiding, so you can use both hands to quality work.

4. check the YouTube videos. There are a number of videos on the web that provides step by step instructions that can help you to practice how to braid your own hair. Also many good ideas and useful tips can be found here to improve their techniques 'Twisted House.'

My name is Judith Birck and I was born and grew up in Europe, in Hungary. I am a passionate traveller, a love that see the world to my autour.

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