Urban Hairstyles

Urban Hairstyles
The popularity of the military haircut, you can not deny, is a time that the Marines and the police can only be seen with the cup. Now, even the men in suits and people in the meeting room look kind of sport. There are actually many variations crew cut standing army style extreme short hair, and so on, which means one thing, in effect, military haircuts found its place in the word of HAIRSTYLINUrban hairstyles are styles natural, is not as luxurious and fashion are popular. Urban hairstyles are originally created by and for people with black hair. For some reason, this type of hair tends to be more fragile and very porous, so there is special attention to black hair.

Urban style does not really need a little inspiration or ethnic culture, but rather something that can transcend all races have a look that is fresh, hip and trendy. When it comes to carrying out urban look for the hair, the most common style, or rather a popular black hair braids, twists, braids, afros and locks. You can also use different colored wigs to look more realistic in urban areas.


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