Emo Subculture

Emo Subculture
Emo is a term that is given to the subculture of hardcore punk and pop, who came from the Washington DC area, but which later spread like wildfire throughout the rest of the United States and also to other parts of the world. Emo has since evolved into a musical experience and mode that is embraced by many young fans.

The word "Emo" true origin of the term "emocore", which refers to hardcore punk music scene, which began in mid-1980. The term is a variant of "emotional hardcore", which supports the Washington DC area seemed. We developed a unique style of punk-rock music that blends the characteristics of the electric guitar sounds sweet gentle slopes, usually screamed at the top of your lungs, hence the term Emotional Hardcore. Among the bands that pioneered this type of groups like One Last Wish, Embrace, Fire Party, and Moss Icon.

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