Popular Medieval Hairstyles

Popular Medieval Hairstyles
The hairstyle of medieval times was heavily influenced by religious beliefs and witchcraft. Braids were often used by women and told them that the most popular model of the time. These braids are usually collected at the back of the head and in a bun.

The classes can also be determined by the hair of a sports person. Upper class women wore their hair long and loose curls. They sometimes decorate the tips of their hair with golden balls. Noble women, on the other hand, covered their hair with a flat cover or gold wire and ribbons. While the lower classes, women simply wore their hair shorter, and they do not put all the decorations in it.

During medieval times, when the Church ordered that married women must cover their hair, hats, veils and hats became popular. The cone-shaped hat with veil was commonly used at weddings and special events. Sometimes the hair is parted in the middle and both sides together in a mound, either plaited or not. At the same time, the high forehead was considered beautiful women. Therefore, some women shave their hair to increase its line of hair and decorated with pearls and precious stones.


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